It’s hard to let go of the past. I know. I’ve been there. I’ve had terrible things happen to me that have left me scarred, angry, resentful and just downright upset.

But all of that does nothing to serve you. It did nothing to serve me. Until I was able to let go of things, I couldn’t mentally move on. I was living in the past. I was replaying those memories over and over again. It was like an episode of Ground Hog Day forever repeated in my mind. I couldn’t move on from that until I decided to let go.

However, that decision didn’t come easy. There was a process involved. And it’s not something unique to me. It’s very duplicatable. Anyone can do it as long as you’re committed to the process. You can’t just go at this half-heartedly. If you don’t value the sanctity of your peace of mind, then you likely will never let go of things. Instead, you’ll harbor one grudge after another and allow hate and negativity and resentment to consume you. That’s not living. That’s only existing. If you truly want to live, you absolutely have to let go. Life is too short to let things weigh you down.

The truth is that you will never find peace by holding on to the past. You will never break free of the weight of the world that’s resting on your shoulders if you don’t allow love and gratitude to enter your heart. When you find that inner critic hard at work, criticizing yourself and everyone around you, pay careful attention to that conversation. Then, once you hear it, you have to let it go and release it. Imagine those feelings of ill-will, resent and guilt as if they were being carried away on a hot air balloon towards outer space.

Then, as they disappear into the the clouds, allow those feelings to fly away with them, letting go forever.