Sometimes, you just need to relax, breathe, and let go.

Don’t take everything so seriously. The thing to remember is that, whatever it is that you’ve been through or are going through, millions of others have been through or are going through right now. And, millions of others will continue to go through it in the future.

Saying that doesn’t make it feel any easier. But, it should send a powerful message that our problems only seem big because they’re our problems. Our mistakes only seem monumental because they’re our mistakes. When a friend comes to you with the same problem, what do you tell them? You tell them it’s going to be okay and they’ll recover, that it’s not that big of a deal.

Well, why can’t we take the same advice we give to others? How come, when it has to do with us, it seems like it’s the end of the world? Well, let me tell you right now that it’s not. Relax, breathe, and learn to let go. Give it to God. Let go of it.

It’s far harder to hold on to pain, anger, or resentment, than it is to just let go, to love, and to forgive. And, forgiving yourself is the most important type of forgiveness. No matter what happened, it’s going to be okay. There’s a grand design to everything, even if we can’t see the meaning at that very moment.

If you look back at some of your big mistakes 5 or 10 years ago, how important do they seem today? Or, maybe those mistakes actually helped you. Maybe they helped guide you in a better direction in life. Remember, it’s okay. Let go. Breathe. And don’t be afraid to forgive yourself for past mistakes.

Just be sure to learn and grow from those mistakes and become a better person. That’s what truly matters.