I offer you a 11 session on-line 1 to 1 forgiveness course. Develop gratitude with grace and change your life with a universal truth.

Part A: Sessions 1 to 5

Session 1:

1. Welcome
2. Forgiveness & Health
3. Foundations of the course

Session 2:

4. Definitions of forgiveness and resentment
5. How to get the most from the course
6. What excuses will you make

Session 3:

7. Emotional release exercise
8. Forgiveness is not condoning abuse
9. Resentment harms you

Session 4:

10. Visualize your pain
11. Forgiveness may not always be logical
12. Cost analyses part 1

Session 5:

13. Cost analyses part 2
14. Integration – Become what you believe
15. Forgiveness is a choice

Part B: Sessions 6 to 11

Session 6:

16. Blame & Criticism
17. Beliefs exercise
18. Core beliefs

Session 7:

19. Core needs exercise
20. About compassion
21. Compassion exercise 1
22. Compassion exercise 2

Session 8:

23. Our story
24. Visualize your freedom
25. Forgiveness & your Divine connection

Session 9:

26. Divine perspective
27. Karma is your teacher
28. Appreciation exercise

Session 10:

29. Pray & Bless
30. Write a letter of forgiveness
31. Service

Session 11:

32. How do I know if I have forgiven
33. Conclusions, Affirmations and Testimony’s.

Optional Meditation Session

You will learn this and much more. At the end of the course / workshop it is our aim that you leave with a complete sense of relief from the past and with simple yet effective techniques that will help you create a more positive mindset and a brighter future.

The cost for the course / workshop is 250 US per person. – You will get a download link for reading material you need to do before the course / workshop start.

To book your on-line forgiveness course – please e-mail me at gerald@acourseinforgiveness.co.za.

For the Zoom appointment please have your phone charged for the session and have the head-set that comes with your mobile device that it has earphones and a microphone – that is all we need.


1. Do not try to log in before the time. The program will keep you waiting in a waiting room until the time for the session.

2. REMEMBER, mute yourself when the speaker is speaking and unmute yourself when you want to say something. Mute yourself again after that. (Mute is at bottom left before video. If you don’t see it, flip your screen across which will show you more options or page on if you have three buttons below to give you more options).

3. Take note: The Video mode use more data.

4. If the program kicks you out, simply click on the link again to return to the session.

5. Zoom sessions is as if you are sitting in my office. Zoom is more effective – you don’t leave your comfort zone.